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Hydro Meter is commited to assisting municipalities by minimizing costs and maximizing income potential.

By offering superior products and services, Hydro Meter can help you dramatically increase your revenue, decrease your water loss, and reduce maintenance costs.

By focusing on meter and reading systems efficiency, Hydro Meter has become a vital partner to municipalities nationwide.

Since 1981, Hydro Meter has helped hundres of utilities across the country recover millions of dollars lost through inaccurate meters.

We offer a full range of professional services and products to restore or maintain meter accuracy.

On-Site Service

Our years of experience as an independent contractor have enabled us to work with every brand, type, style and model of meter available: Displacement, Turbine, Compound, Fire-Line, Propeller, Venturi, Jet, Mag and Fluidic Oscillation

From your raw water intake to the end user, Hydro Meter has the expertise to maintain, upgrade or change-out your existing meter and reading systems

Using a computer program to evaluate meter performance is blind to practical application, as computer models do not account for issues like water quality, meter maintenance records, tampering, human error, or improper piping configurations. Only professional on-site testing and inspections can provide documentation of these issues as well as right-sizing and correct meter applications. Why let your revenue go down the drain?

In-Shop Services Include:

  •   Meter Testing

  •   N.I.S.T. Traceable Testing

  •   Refurbishment & Upgrading*

  •   Rebuilt Meters**

  •   Meter Exchange Programs

  •   Measuiring ElementExchange Programs

* A repaired or refurbished meter has been completely disassembled, cleaned andf has worn parts replaced.

** A rebuilt meter has had the measuring chamber replaced with a factory made new unit,

All repaired or rebuilt meters are tested and certified to meet or exceed AWWA specifications

All conventional meters are mechanical designs. Age and usage cause them to wear and lose accuracy.

For communities without the necessary expertise, tools or budget to service meters in house.

Hydro Meter has a full service meter shop, we provide individual meter testing for high bill complaints and

customer related issues from an unbiased, "third party" perspective

Compared to purchasing a new unit, maintaining an existing meter offers substantial cost savings with complete accuracy.

Large Meter Maintenance

Stop Revenue Losses!!

Water meters are your cash register. 1 1/2" & larger water meters typically make up less than 5% of your total system, yet they can account for as much as 50% of water & sewer revenue. Through usage and age, they lose their efficiency, robbing you of income from every gallon of unmeasured water. Since 1981, SLC's Field Service Division, Hydro Meter Systems has helped hundreds of communities across the country recover millions of dollars lost through inaccurate meters. SLC offers a full range of programs to help you document inefficiency, restore accuracy, reduce water loss and increase revenue. Our on-site services include meter surveys, testing, repair, calibration, certification, AMR/AMI upgrades and full scale replacements.

Our highly trained, expert technicians arrive in fully stocked and marked service vehicles. Utilizing state of the art equipment and brand new parts, accuracy is restored on the spot for a fraction of the cost of replacement. We specialize in all makes of water meters. Our mission is to ensure peak performance regardless of brand, make or model. All services are performed utlizing AWWA standards and procedures. We provide individual reports with detailed information regarding each meter and setting along with accuracy performance results. When repairs are made, all old parts removed are bagged, tagged and returned to you for inspection, along with an itemized list of new parts installed. All repair work is guaranteed to AWWA new meter specifications for one year from the date of service, the same as a new meter guarantee. The first step to revenue recovery is to contact your SLC representative to discuss how best to approach your project.

High Speed Change Out Program

If your existing system has past its prime, Hydro Meter can bring you into the 21st century. Realizing that every system is unique, Hydro Meter listens to your requirements and cvustomizes a program that fits your needs.

Whether you have 100 or 100,000 meters, we can provide expert project logistical services including plumbing, inventory control, customer contact, scheduling and data transfers handled by our staff.

Old and new meter information is transferred in real time assuring you of smooth integration. Our vast database provides a complete back-up of all information.

Our goal is to bring your project to successful completion on time and under budget. Competitive Leasing options and project financing is also available.

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