Certified NSF 61 Lead Free

SLC Meter offers a comprehensive commercial and industrial water meter product line from Badger that includes Recordall Disc, Turbo, Compound, Hydrant, Fire service, Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic meters. 5/8"- 2" meters are available in the Recordall Disc and E-Series Ultrasonic models. 1 1/2"- 12" are offered in a variety of measuring principles:

1 1/2" - 12" Recordall Turbo Series Meters

2"-8" Compound Series meters

3"-12" M-Series Electromagnetic

3"-12" FST - Fire Service Turbos

4"-12" FSA - Fire Service Assemblies (compounds)

All Badger C & I meters are available in a variety of types and styles with various registers including Badger Direct Read, RTR, ADE and HR solid state encoders. All Badger meters can be upgraded for use with Orion and Galaxy radio read systems.

Solid State High Resolution Encoder (HRE-LCD)

Meters for Reclaimed Water

Badger Meter offers precise revenue-generating measurement for non-potable water distribution. If your community is faced with increasing water costs and limited water resources, you may be considering installing or upgrading a reclaimed water distribution system. If so, make certain your system is equipped with meters from the Badger Meter family of Disc and Turbo Series meters exclusively for measuring non-potable water in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Turbo Series Meters

Recordall Turbo Series meters are the smart choice for larger facilities, including hotels, apartment buildings, commercial and industrial buildings, manufacturing and processing plants, irrigation centers, and refining operations. The no-nonsense performance of this meter will help reduce your day-to-day maintenance and replacement costs, while capturing every billable penny through greater accuracy and efficiency.

Fire Series Meters FSMA

Fire Series Meters provide revenue-generating flexibility and control when you need to measure high volume usage, such as when sprinklers are activated through a single supply line, or for other high volume applications: Industrial, Multi-Residential and Commercial.

Fire Series Assemblies FSAA

Fire Series Assemblies are ideal when fire service mains are also being used to supply water for secondary services, such as drinking fountains and general purpose plumbing fixtures. In addition to the strainer, turbo meter and check valve, the assembly also includes a bypass configuration with a turbo or disc series meter for diverting flow not related to fire demand.

M-Series M2000

Combining a general purpose detector with an amplifier, the M2000 M-Series meter features a user-friendly, advanced design and is built for field verification testing with the use of a simple, handheld device.

M-Series M5000

For general purpose detection in a standalone package, the battery operated M-Series M5000 mag meter is the ideal solution for remote applications. The M5000 family features the same user-friendly design you expect from Badger Meter. It is conveniently powered by a battery, designed for up to ten years of performance, and is built for field verification testing with the use of a simple, handheld device.