Automated Meter Reading

With an Automated Meter Reading (AMR) or mobile system, ORION endpoints transmit meter reading and event data via radio frequency to a mobile receiver or transceiver when the device is within range of the endpoints signal during drive-by or walk-by reading. Mobile reading software collects data and synchronizes with BEACON AMA hosted software.


Secure, cloud-based software platform - ISO 27001 certified and SCO 2 examined for security, availability and confidentiality

Automatic software updates and upgrades

Integrates seamlessly with your utility billing and other systems

Meter reading data synchronized with BEACON AMA

Meter reading software designed for use on Windows tablets and laptops

Mobile Solution

Combining our intuitive BEACON AMA software suite and proven ORION communication technology, the BEACON AMA mobile solution prepares you for the future.

The ORION product family provides utilities a comprehensive meter reading solution using the latest two-way communication technologies. Our migratable endpoints are easily upgraded from mobile to fixed network data collection without rolling a truck or reprogramming the endpoint. As part of a BEACON AMA solution, ORION Cellular endpoints can be added as needed for hard to read locations or to more closely monitor your larger water consumers.


Hosted software platform and mobile reading system reduce computer hardware and IT support requirements

Mobile reading software allows meter readers to transfer meter readings and obtain new reading assignments via a network connection from the field

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